Acceptance of goods and storage

JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment offers in total over 11,000 sqm of storage space. You occupy the space you need and can expand your area as required.

Picking and shipping

JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment can process depending on the customer from 30 up to 2,000 or more orders per day (small customers are also welcome). The volume can be expanded by agreement.

The goods of our customers are recorded at the time of the initial storage and are updated from then on via online warehouse management. The receipt goods are physically collected and tested per customer criteria or 100%.

The customer receives a notification of the acceptance of goods with comments in the event of deviations. The goods are then released and stored in the customer area.

After the receipt of the shipping documents either via online interface, email or fax, the delivery notes/invoices are printed and the goods are picked from the warehouse by an employee.

The picked goods are checked again by a second employee based on the delivery note items and then packaged in a secure way.

Package service formalities are then completed. The goods will be shipped the same day, if the order is received by 2 pm.

Online tracking is possible at any time as well as storage of the shipping documents for later searches.
Besides open food, we can store any kind of products and goods.

Handling of returns

Every shipping business has an annoying accompanying phenomenon called “returns” and “complaints”.

Strengths of JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment

One of the most important aspects to use the services of JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment is precisely the wide diversification and the broad know-how of the management and its employees in the field of fulfillment/logistics.

JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment as your shipping service provider accepts returns per terms of receipt. These are recorded based on the return receipt messages and forwarded to the backoffice for consultation with the customer.

The goods are blocked based on their condition until the clarification. The backoffice takes over the coordination and provides corresponding information for the further treatment of the goods to the warehouse.

JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment differs greatly from normal forwarding warehouse. Why?

By combining various service areas such as assembly, packaging, manual work, machine production etc. at one location, we can offer our customers almost all additional or finishing work on their products in house.

For our customers, this means flexibility, time and cost advantages and to sum up competitive lead.

Since years now JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment performs this special campaign for well-known customers. Whether they are publishers who need to label millions of books, posters needed to be wrapped in foil, or displays displayed and filled with content, packaged and shipped, also sales folders to be collated with brochures, and so on.

By specializing in outsourcing services, it is possible for us to make almost all activities, which seem to be impossible, reality!

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