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JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment is your partner when it comes to managing recurring routines efficiently, favorably and above all flexibly. In most cases, those tasks hinder the internal processes, bind employees unnecessarily and keep you away from your core competence. Even more important is the collaboration with partners such as JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment when it comes to making the “impossible” possible!
In times of globalization and Europeanization, it becomes more and more important to deal with your core tasks and to outsource everything related to the handling of the order process to external partners. This keeps the organizations lean and makes them more powerful and less vulnerable to crises.
JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment is a company that emerged from the outsourcing development in the 90s, long before the Internet and e-commerce changed the world. The success story shows that JT-Licenses has managed to evolve over time and move into new business areas. The long-term customer loyalty and the expansion of business relationships guarantee the growth, acceptance and survival of JT-Licenses.
How can you benefit from this and work with us?

Find out more about the services and tasks that offers JT-Licenses in the field of Fulfillment/Logistics and Direct Marketing and contact us for a personal interview and further information.

Storage of production: You occupy the space you need and can expand your area as required.

JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment has personnel capacities to pick up large volumes quickly. 1000 – 1500 daily bills are no problem for us.

Handling of returns
Every company working in the retail and consumer business knows the problem of returns. We have over 10 years of experience through our customers.

E-commerce, shipping … nothing works without logistics today!

Goods, which are ordered on the Internet or telephone, must be picked, packaged and shipped.
Here many Internet companies overestimate their selves. It is one thing to sell products and another to store goods and to process orders efficiently.
This is not only true for Internet companies, but also for every company of the “old” economy whose core business does not belong to logistics due to the lack of specialist personnel, of know-how or of storage space.

JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment has experience in this sensitive area since 1996. We specialized in the complete processing of orders from our customers. This is called “Fulfillment”.

What is now hidden behind the keyword logistics and fulfillment:

Acceptance of goods


Order acceptance



Warehouse management

Handling of returns

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