Fulfillment / Logistics


Your all-around fulfillment service!

JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment offers a comprehensive fulfillment package ranging from the purchase acceptance to the order acceptance up to picking and shipping. The handling of returns and the posting of the associated credits/charges are also part of the fulfillment. Of course, the JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment Backoffice takes over the clarification of returns.

As a fulfillment service provider, JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment also offers a large warehouse, where almost all goods can be stored in separate storage areas. The goods can not only be recorded but also samples can be taken. An employee of the warehouse picks the incoming orders made via the backoffice, another checks them and packs them. The fulfillment service of JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment also includes complete package service formalities and shipping.


The reason you need a Fulfillment Service Provider?

To provide certain, recurring jobs to a logistics service provider such as JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment offers you numerous advantages. Not only is JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment an experienced partner in the field of Fulfillment, you also can concentrate again on your core competence by outsourcing the routines. Internet companies profit from a strong logistics service provider. Companies of the “old” economy also use the experience of JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment, if there is not enough specialized personnel, know-how or storage space in their own company available.

JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment supports you in the storage, packaging and shipping of your goods. Up to 2,000 orders per customer can be processed per day by JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment. Even this volume can be extended by agreement. As a logistics service provider, we also have a large storage area where your goods are not only stored but also picked and shipped by JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment. All package service formalities are handled by JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment as a logistics service provider and, of course, delivery note/invoice are also printed.


Picking and shipping via JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment

Depending on the type of your company, JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment can handle up to 2,000 orders each day – from order acceptance, picking to shipping. If JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment receives the shipping documents, employees in the warehouse immediately pick the goods there. The shipping documents can be received via e-mail, via fax or via an online interface. The printing of the invoice or the delivery note is taken over by JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment.


After a JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment employee has finished picking according to the delivery note, the goods are checked by a second employee. Then the goods will be packaged in a safe way. All formalities regarding shipment are also clarified by JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment. All orders received by 2:00 pm at JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment can be shipped the same day thanks to the short information ways, the competent employees who pick the goods and our long-term experience. The storage of the shipping documents as well as online tracking are also contained.


Fulfillment service – more than an isolated individual performance

To be able to offer a fulfillment service, it takes a lot more than a few employees to make packages ready for shipment and hand them over to the delivery company. JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment, as your partner for the Fulfillment service, offers you the provision of the entire distribution and logistics process for your goods. JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment offers you tailor-made services that relieve you and your employees.


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