Certified Administration Scientist Jiannis Theodosiadis

Jiannis Theodosiadis was born in 1969 in Honau (Reutlingen).

In 1988 he successfully completed his A-Levels and directly began to study Administration at the University of Constance.

After completing his basic studies, he joined an 8-month internship at Robert Bosch GmbH Reutlingen in semiconductor control.

After the main study, Jiannis worked as a student at the AEG Electrocom postal automation in Konstanz in the marketing area. At the same time, he worked as a sole trader and took over large archiving and digitization projects for the Debis AG. He ran these projects over 4 years. During this period, spare parts punch cards from Daimler-Benz were scanned, edited and archived. Later the German maps were digitized and archived.

In 1994 he wrote his diploma thesis on cultural problems in mergers and acquisitions.
In January 1995, he finished his studies with a Diploma in Administrative Studies.

In 1995, he began to work as product manager at the North American Software in Munich. There, he introduced the database product AskSam into a new generation, designed the marketing campaigns and organized trade fairs and roadshows nationwide.

In 1997, he ended his employment relationship at the North American Software in Munich to continue as manager of the family company VT-Outsourcing. Jiannis could use his experiences from previous activities for the family business and actively shape the further development.

In 1997 and 1998 aggressive advertising campaigns were made in form of mailings and adverts to make the company’s object known.

Since 1999, the Fulfillment for online shops division has been built up and professionalized.

In 2011, the family business was split up and today’s JT-Licenses-1A Fulfillment was formed, owned by Jiannis Theodosiadis.

JT-Licenses has been developing a new business area since 2011: the distribution of party articles as well as other items in the wholesale trade.
Here, JT-Licenses offers manufacturers outside Germany the opportunity to market their products through the wide-knit sales network. JT-Licenses takes over the distribution as well as the entire logistic process and invoice of the goods with the customers.

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